• M.B.Sc. & M.A.Sc. Presentations


    All Presentations will take place in ARC 206.

    Thursday, September 1, 2016

    9:00 AM: Kam Ng
    Use of Wi-Fi sensor network in measuring occupancy and people circulation in buildings
    Supervisor: Dr. Mark Gorgolewski
    Second Readers: Jenn McArthur and Vincent Hui

    10:30 AM: Jennifer Harmer
    Methodology and Supporting Algorithms for Benchmarking and Screening New Building Energy Models in the Toronto Context
    Supervisor: Jennifer McArthur
    Second Reader: Mark Gorgolewski

    12:00 PM: Braden Johnson
    A Method for Determining the Relationship between Increasing Insulation and Potential Freeze Thaw Damage in Brick Masonry Walls
    Supervisor: Russell Richman
    Second Reader: Hitesh Doshi

    1:30 PM: Stacy Sun
    Investigating Building Information Model to Building Energy Model: Data Transfer Integrity and Simulation Results
    Supervisor: Jennifer McArthur
    Committee: Mark Gorgolewski, Russell Richman
    Chair: Miljana Horvat

    3:30 PM: Matthew Gelowitz
    Evaluating the Effectiveness of Environmental Product Declarations as a Decision-Making Tool for Building Designers
    Supervisor: Jennifer McArthur
    Committee: Mark Gorgolewski, Vera Straka
    Chair: Russell Richman

    Friday, September 2, 2016

    9:00 AM: Oscar George Emuwa
    An Experimental Study of Window Walls on Thermal Comfort and Energy Efficiency in Condominium Buildings in Toronto.
    Supervisor: Zaiyi Liao
    Second Reader: Alan Fung

    M.B.Sc. & M.A.Sc. Presentations

    M.B.Sc. & M.A.Sc. Presentations


  • Image courtesy of Evolve Competition

    Winners pose with giant cheques

    3 DAS teams win the Evolve Competition

    Three teams of DAS students have secured the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize in the Evolve 2016 competition.

    The 2016 Evolve Competition challenged post-secondary students enrolled in architecture, engineering and/or related programs across Canada to work together and design a net-zero energy and water mixed-use wood mid-rise construction to demonstrate how sustainable design can be made part of everyday life.

    The 2016 jury members included : Steven Street (Wood WORKS!); Peter Zimmerman (Dream Developments); Jenny McMinn (BuildGreen Solutions Inc.); Filippo Bello – Tribute Communities; David Bowick (Blackwell Engineers) and Sonny Sanjari – B+H Architects

    The panel of expert judges reviewed and evaluated each submission based on a select design challenges and issues outlined int he competition brief: Design the Future Explore tomorrow’s net‑zero energy and water‑wise mixed-use wood mid-rise construction for today. For details, please see the PDF of the design brief.

    Team 554 consisting of Mark Melnichuk, Mike Fik, Jaehyung Chun and Ramoncito Espino took the Winning Prize: $5000 for their project Studios on Sterling.

    Team 620 had two members, Sandra Wojtecki and Matthew Gelowitz. They were awarded the First Runner up Prize: $3,500 or 2nd Place for their project Railside Gardens.

    Team 877 consisted of Sara Duffin, Marcus Parisi, Khaliq Azizi and Zac Topp. The 4 person team was awarded $1,500 for securing  Second Runner Up Position or overall  3rd Place for thier project entitled “EVOLVE”

    Click here to view the original competition entries.

    Congratulations to all!



    3 DAS teams win the Evolve CompetitionImage courtesy of Evolve Competition

    3 DAS teams win the Evolve Competition


  • M.Arch Reviews 2016

    All presentations are Final Reviews — Thesis Defense except as noted. To see a print PDF of this document, click here.


    Monday, 22 August 2016

    External Reviewers: Michelle Xuereb (Quadrangle), David Moore (WZMH)

    • 9:00 AM Iris So Komisar_Leshchyshyn_Zone
      Light Shape Space: How Light Changes Our Perception of Space
    • 10:15 AM Tasneem Rahman Chowdhury Farah_Cirka_Hui
      Thickening the Public Realm: Choreographing the Interaction of the Public with the Built Environment
    • 11:30 AM Julia Mozheyko Wrigglesworth_Bessai_McArthur
      Moody Architecture: Emotionally Intelligent Environments (Rethinking the Protean Relationship Between the Body and Its Prostheses)

    External Reviewers: Michelle Xuereb (Quadrangle), Martin Davidson (DSAI)

    • 1:15 PM Sandra Wojtecki Gorgolewski_Farah_Etkind
      A Framework for Emergence: Embracing Ecological Principles in Post-Industrial Landscapes
    • 2:30 PM Adryanne Quenneville Cirka_Wrigglesworth_Horvat
      Ornament: A Language of Architecture
    • 3:45 PM Nazanin Sepehry-Rad Polo_Komisar_Etkind


    Tuesday, 23 August 2016

    External Reviewers: Janna Levitt (LGA), Marianne McKenna (KPMB)

    • 9:00 AM Nwamaka Onyenokwe Leshchyshyn_Kapelos_McArthur (Substantial Completion Review)
      Interstice: Rethinking the Approach to Street Trading
    • 10:15 AM Aviv Sarner Etkind_Kapelos_Cirka
      Moments of Transition
    • 11:30 AM Adrian Bica Schank Smith_Doshi_Hui
      Storytelling Architecture

    External Reviewers: Janna Levitt (LGA), Sean Robbins (RAW)

    • 1:15 PM Anna Pavia Cirka_Wrigglesworth_Horvat
      An Architecture of Imagery
    • 2:30 PM Babak Teimoori Cirka_Wrigglesworth_Hui
      Material Computation for a New Equilibrium in Architecture
    • 3:45 PM Phu Dinh Wrigglesworth_Komisar_Cirka (Substantial Completion Review)
    • 5:00 PM Scott Townsend Wrigglesworth_Hui_Cirka (Substantial Completion Review)


    Wednesday, 24 August 2016

    External Reviewers: Val Rynnimeri (Waterloo), Mike Smith (Zeidler)

    • 10:15 AM Rebecca Tsang Hui_Zone_McArthur
      Architecture of Excess: Navigating Beyond the Superficial
    • 11:30 AM Madison Dozzi-Perry Farah_Sorli_Hui
      Re-Engaging the Spirit: Engaging Traditional Anishinabek Healing Beliefs into an Architecture For Mental Well-Being Centres for Addiction

    External Reviewers: Val Rynnimeri (Waterloo), Dustin Hooper (Montgomery/Sisam)

    • 1:15 PM Shiloh Lazar Atkinson_Farah_Floerke
      Designing for Complexity: A Systematic Approach to Spatial Relationships in Human Environments
    • 2:30 PM Tim Melnichuk Atkinson_Komisar_Cirka
      Interstitial Place
    • 3:45 PM Calvin Fung Komisar_Sorli_Floerke
      Architecture on the Edge of Chaos: Uncertainty in Architecture
    • 5:00 PM Alykhan Neky Kapelos_Cirka_Etkind (Substantial Completion Review)
      Threshold Spaces: Bridging Building and Place (Towards a Regional African Architecture)
    M.Arch Reviews 2016

    M.Arch Reviews 2016


  • Save the Date for Orientation Aug 30, Aug 31

    Orientation 2016 – Hold the Date

    To our incoming students,

    Please save the dates August 30 & 31, 2016 for your orientation to the first year undergraduate program.

    The schedule will be as follows:

    Tuesday, August 30th: Formal presentations and studio set-up

    Wednesday, August 31st: Social event

    Please hold these dates in your calendar. Details to follow via e-mail.

    Orientation 2016 – Hold the DateSave the Date for Orientation Aug 30, Aug 31

    Orientation 2016 – Hold the Date


  • Kindling Illuminated at the Night Stop Market

    Image provided by Jason Ramelson

    Night Market 2016 – Kindling

    The Night Market 2016 featured 2 entries from the Department of Architectural Science – Aqueous and Kindling.

    Kindling was a cart created by spoke.creative, Jason Ramelson, Antonio Cunha and Filip Tisler, who used a collection of discarded material to serve a fundamentally new purpose. The act of both creating fire and weaving a nest begins with the cumulation of scavenged materials; an improvisational process where the whole is greater than the sum of its constituent parts. Using these primitive activities as a model, the Kindling food cart embodies this process of sculptural assemblage, becoming a derivative of reclaimed materials found in our local context; a design subject to availability. The scheme’s form emerges from an organic process of gathering, drawing from the erratic nature of interweaving previously disparate parts, echoing The Stop’s values of community, diversity and equality.


    For more information, please visit spoke.creative’s website or follow them on instagram: @spoke.creative

    Night Market 2016 – KindlingKindling Illuminated at the Night Stop Market

    Night Market 2016 – Kindling


  • Professor YT Leong interviewed by the Globe and Mail

    Professor YT Leong was recently approached by Globe and Mail reporter to comment on Global Village Backpackers hostel’s recent transformation to Quantum Coffee. The project has received a lot of attention due to its location at Toronto’s prominent corner of King Street West and Spadina Avenue.

    Read the full article here:

    Professor YT Leong interviewed by the Globe and Mail

    Professor YT Leong interviewed by the Globe and Mail


  • Student Team standing behind the installation

    Image provided by [R]ed[U]x lab

    Terrena featured at Gladstone Hotel, AGO and OCE Conference

    Terrena is a student design-build project that was developed over summer 2016. It started as a design piece installed at the Grow-Op 2016 exhibition at the Gladstone Hotel. Upon the request of the Office of the Vice President of Research and Innovation Ryerson, it was featured at the 2016 OCE Conference. It has since also been showcased at the Art Gallery of Ontario. The project lead was 3rd year student Cathy Truong.

    Terrena celebrates landscape, gardens, art, and placemaking. Terrena’s surface is a manmade landscape made of modular plants that takes precedent from the topography of the historical Toronto Ravines. The installation creates a unique experience for visitors through procession, with greenery placed above, underneath and at the eye-level of visitors as they process. In addition, the installation reveals the underside of the plants, exposing root systems so visitors can physically and visually experience the underlying system that allows nature to prevail over and through manmade landscapes. The installation celebrates the underground systems that are usually unseen.

    For more information, please visit the following links:

    Terrena featured at Gladstone Hotel, AGO and OCE ConferenceStudent Team standing behind the installation

    Terrena featured at Gladstone Hotel, AGO and OCE Conference


  • Designed by Arnel Espanol

    Picture of the Night Market Cart serving food on site

    Night Market 2016 – Aqueous

    The Night Market 2016 featured 2 entries from the Department of Architectural Science – Aqueous and Kindling.

    A DAS student team, led by Arnel Espanol won the People’s Choice Award for “Aqueous” at the Night Market this year. The team behind this project was led by 2nd year student, Arnel Espanol, who was able to conceive his own design and build it with help  from the Department of Architectural Science’s workshop and the [R]ed[U]x Lab. Red[U]x Lab’s has been producing custom food carts for the Night Market for four years now.

    The theme of this year’s Night Market was sustainability. Arnel and his team addressed the theme by repurposing furniture and materials from the studio space that is under construction in the architecture building. This was both cost effective and made good use of the obsolete furniture that was a result of an overhaul of student spaces in the Architectural Science Department. In an interview with Ryerson Today, Arnel has described his process as: “My budget was low so this helped to bring the cost down, and forced me to find inspiration in materials that would otherwise be considered garbage. I started deconstructing desks and metal stools, built models and mock-ups to understand how my design would look from every angle, how the pieces connect, how the vinyl heat shrink behaves, how it would respond to light and resolve any issues along the way.

    For more information and photos, please visit:

    Night Market 2016 – AqueousDesigned by Arnel Espanol

    Night Market 2016 – Aqueous



  • Nasa Orion Testing Facility

    Image provided by Ramakrishnan Ramani

    Ramani Ramakrishnan and team design NASA Chamber

    The Reverberant Acoustic Test facility (RATF) was designed and built to test all payloads for NASA’s Orion (Manned orbit around Mars) Project. Dr. Ramani Ramakrishnan was involved with the project as its Chief Acoustician, retained by Aiolos Engineering Corporation of Toronto. The project began in 2007 and the design portion were completed by 2009. The facility is located in NASA Glenn Research Center’s Plumbrook Station, Ohio, USA. Dr. Ramakrishnan commissioned the facility in September 2011 and RATF was able to generate overall levels of 161.5 dB, 1.5 dB below the maximum sound potential of 163 dB.

    The image shows an actual test with one of the payloads of the Orion Modules in April 2016. The test article will be blasted with at least 152 decibels and 20-10,000 hertz of sound pressureand vibration to simulate the intense sounds the Orion service module will be subjected to during launch and ascent into space atop the agency’s Space Launch System (SLS) rocket. This is partof a series of tests to verify the structural integrity of Orion’s service module for Exploration Mission-1, the spacecraft’s first flight atop SLS.

    Ramani Ramakrishnan and team design NASA ChamberNasa Orion Testing Facility

    Ramani Ramakrishnan and team design NASA Chamber



  • Image by Katherine Krolak

    DAS student teams selected for Bergen International Wood Festival Design Competition

    Wooden structures designed by two student teams – Erik Aquino, Katherine Krolak & Henry Mai as well as John Zhang, Thy Vo and David Luong – have been selected to be part of the Bergen International Wood Festival (BIWF) close to Store Lungegårdsvann lake in Bergen city centre. The students’ project responds to the criteria set by the festival, including the theme of “the Green Transition.” The biannual competition focuses on the use of wood as a material, and on its constructive, structural and tactile qualities. It is open to designers, architects, artists, craftsmen and students from all over the world and is aimed to inspire people, developers and the business community to use wood more.

    The driving force behind Erik Aquino, Katherine Krolak & Henry Mai’s proposal is the sustainable cycle of wood. The project serves to represent this idea through its circular form and the treatment of its surfaces. Wood as a building material follows the cradle to cradle concept – journeying through a cyclical process of growth, production, use, disposal and reuse. The structure will contain a combination of charred wood and freshly sawn lumber to represent that journey, with the addition of built-in seating, creating both a tactile and interactive experience.

    The students will be flying to Norway to participate in a design-build guided by their sketches from May 9-14, the winners of the competition will be declared on the final day. On May 12, they will attend and present at a conference to which other participants, experts and the business community are invited.

    For details, please see the link to the competition’s webpage:


    Initial Sketches

    DAS student teams selected for Bergen International Wood Festival Design CompetitionScreen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.44.47 AM

    DAS student teams selected for Bergen International Wood Festival Design Competition


  • Google Cardboard VR headset in a 3D/360 environment

    Image taken by Rachel Law

    First VR Architectural Projects

    A team of 4th Year Architecture students in Prof. Yew-Thong Leong’s “Architecture Without Physics” studio debuted the Department’s first few VR architectural projects.

    Using accessible tools such Google Cardboard, Corona Renderer, 360 VRay and 3DS, immersive 3D/360 interior and exterior environments were created as part of the design resolutions of their 21st Century Folly on Dundas Square project.

    With Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR Oculus easily affordable, VR was introduced into the curriculum for the first time, as one of the multi-media tools used within this studio to examine the spatial design and creation process.

    VR Team:
    Nick Callies
    Timothy Cheng
    Dylon Feyen
    Jeffrey Szeto

    First VR Architectural ProjectsGoogle Cardboard VR headset in a 3D/360 environment

    First VR Architectural Projects


  • Umberto Berardi awarded for upcoming projects

    Congratulations to our faculty member, Professor Umberto Berardi for winning three awards recently:

    1. The NSERC Discovery Grant for his proposal titled Development of Advanced Building Systems with PCM, VIP, and AEROGEL (2016 – 2021)
    2. The “Center for Urban Research” for a project that tests design approaches to mitigate excessive heat exposure for vulnerable populations in Toronto apartment buildings. This project will be in collaboration with professor George Thomas Kapelos (2016-2017)
    3.  The Building Excellence Research and Education Grant  from the Homeowner Protection Office (HPO), a branch of BC Housing to conduct research  to evaluate the economic and environmental benefits of latent heat thermal energy building materials and systems. Click here for details. (2016-2017)
    Umberto Berardi awarded for upcoming projects

    Umberto Berardi awarded for upcoming projects